This, folks, is why I love going to the movies and write movie reviews.

It’s been just over two months since I saw The Dark Knight for the first time, and that was darn near the perfect film.  Since then, I have seen a great many movies, and a lot of them have been, well, bad.  A few have been fair, a couple have even been good, but none have been great.  Until now.

I measure how great a comedy is by, obviously, how much it makes me laugh.  I measure how great a drama is by the quality of the acting, the writing, and the emotional response it evokes.  And I measure how great an action/thriller is by how physically drained I am by its conclusion.  By that token, Eagle Eye may just be one of the most exciting movies I have ever seen. Maybe even more so than The Dark Knight.

Now, I’m not saying that Eagle Eye is a better overall film than The Dark Knight; it’s not.  But the most recent Batman film was great on so many levels; as a drama, as a superhero movie, as a thriller, as an actioner.  And while there were a few scenes that were pulse-poundingly exciting, I didn’t leave the theater feeling like I’d just spent two solid hours on the world’s scariest roller-coaster.  Eagle Eye made me feel that way.

Shia LaBeouf was outstanding as Jerry, an underachiever working a menial job at a copy store, who learns that his twin brother (his polar opposite, personality-wise) just died in a car accident.  After the funeral, he comes home to find his apartment full of weapons, fake passports (with his face on them) and dangerous weapons-grade chemicals.  He receives a call on his cell phone from a mysterious woman’s voice who tells him to obey her instructions or face the consequences.  Not surprisingly, he fails to comply and is arrested by the FBI, and is interrogated by Agent Morgan (beautifully played by Billy Bob Thornton), who doesn’t believe his rather absurd story that he’s being set up.

Along the way, he joins up with Rachel Holloman, a divorced mother who is also being guided by the mysterious voice.  In a rather disturbing chase scene, it seems that there is no electronic device that can’t be manipulated by her seemingly omnipresent influence, and it becomes clear that they are trapped with no way out.

The action and intensity is non-stop.  Even after you find out the circumstances behind their situation, it makes the ensuing events even more exciting.  The script was well-executed, the effects were terrific and the cinematography was top-notch.  All of the actors played their roles wonderfully, especially LaBeouf, who has got an amazing career ahead of him, at the rate he’s going.

If edge-of-your-seat action is something that you enjoy, then I cannot recommend Eagle Eye strongly enough.  You may want to bring a sports drink to replenish yourself when it’s done, because trust me, you’ll need it.

5 / 5 stars

For anyone teaching English overseas money is possibly not top of your concerns. It is far more likely to be the feeling of living and working in an exciting and different country. But the truth is making a excellent living could influence that experience. You can be able to do much more of the things you really like and much more frequently. This report examines the methods in which anyone who teaches English overseas can increase their revenue to have a much better experience.

Giving private courses is a clear point to start at. It sounds good but how can you find the students who can wish classes through you and not a professional school? If you teach overseas you will in all probability have met a good quantity of other instructors. If you have just began at a language school try to get to know other workers and make it clear, albeit diplomatically, that you are hunting for further work. All too often instructors have to refuse privates from interested individuals as they cannot fit them into their timetables. As an alternative of dropping the class entirely they can suggest you. Teachers are by nature, or at least should be, a helpful and friendly bunch so few are will say no.

When you have one or two private students do the same for them. Make sure they are content and pleased with the lessons then tell them that you are searching for for more students. With a little good fortune you should find you are getting suggested to friends, loved ones and fellow workers. Most students should be pleased they have found a good instructor and could be inclined to discuss you and their classes to others. This is an straightforward and extremely effective way to get a quick rise in income when teaching English overseas.

For those that are feeling a bit adventurous, contacting individual companies and offering them private classes is a viable option. Charge much less than the language schools or various competitors, and supply them a better deal. Probably you should need a reasonable bit of English teaching work experience, but possessing any experience in the field the firm is in should absolutely help.

The other key thing you can do is to ensure you optimize your timetable effectively. Try to avoid giving courses that are short, like only an hour. It is especially essential at peak occasions to complete the slots with lessons that are really worth the work. These are before and after typical work hours and lunchtime times. Try and fill the spaces in between these peak instances with private classes. If you discover that you are having to refuse new course requests and you have one or two lessons that cancel regularly, then drop one and change it with the other. Teaching English overseas is not a holiday it is a proper job and should be treated as such by teachers and pupils alike.

Step three: Make sure that you will have a copy of everything you write because it’s an easy way to actually keep a tracking record of everything you will write and the scholarships for women over 40 grants you applied for. It could be that your school will not have enough information on the scholarships you are aiming for and if that is the case, then it’s recommended that you will delve into doing an online research. You will be let in on many databases online and searching through them you will eventually find the right directions for applying for a grant.


Step four: Ensure that your package will be sent via registered mail. When deciding to send your application through mail it’s important that you will have a record that it was received. This way you will be let in on the exact time when your application was received and at the same time you will be given a time when you contact them again.


The fact is many women are still kind of perplexed when it comes to scholarships for women over 40. The answer to the question is of course affirmative and you will certainly be very happy to know that you can easily be let in on one. Many women have actually thanked themselves for the efforts they made in order to get the scholarships and complete their education, for now they don’t only have a good job that pays them well, but they have enough money in order to support their family easily.


The trick is that when you will be accepted for scholarships for women over 40 you will need to make sure that you keep up with your studies. You don’t need to just relax and think that even if you don’t put too much effort into learning, you will still get the grant. That’s not true for the state doesn’t want to waste money on people without actually them succeeding in their goals.


One of the advantages of these types of grants is that you will not actually need be in a physical setting in order to study. You can as well study from the comfort of your home, so you will never have to worry about spending money on transportation, getting stuck and stressed in traffic and overall waste your time. And of course, you won’t be required to pay for a nanny to take care of your child if you have one, as studying from the comfort of your own home allows you to personally manage your time.


Be sure that when you are looking for a grant on the internet to check out This is a website that will let you in on a lot of info on how to get grants, where to get them from and the requirements you will need to have in order to be approved for one. Be persistent though and even if your application was refused once, you will need to continue applying because you will have the chance of eventually being accepted. There are also many corporations that offer grants on a yearly basis, so be sure you check them out.

As you can see you can easily get scholarships for women over 40 if you know where to look for them. But it’s important you are persistent. Eventually you will be approved and finally have the chance to graduate your college and find a good paying job.

There are many women who are over 40 and they would like to go back to school and continue their studies so if you are one of them, then don’t worry about this anymore as with the scholarships for women over 40 you will have no problems in achieving your goals. The fact is that you will not have to worry about too much about the process involved in order to get these grants, for its rather easy if you will follow the right steps. Doing so you will be let in on the funding you need to pursue on and graduate from college. The amount of money you can get by being approved for one such grant ranges from five thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars a year.


So what will you need to do exactly in order to benefit from the scholarships for women over 40? Here are some tips that will answer that question.First of all when you will decide what type of scholarship you would like to submit an application for you will need to have it mailed to you or if you want, you can just go and pick it up from the university. There are also situations when you will be let in on scholarships from large corporations, but the negative on this one for some women is that you will need to travel to their office in order to get their applications.

Getting free money though in order to get back to school sounds pretty exciting, but sometimes you will need to ready yourself from some good footwork and writing. Let us take a look at some of the things you need to do in order to be let in on a grant.


Step One: Reading the directions.

I know that this might sound a little strange and / or funny for some people out there, but when you will apply for a scholarship you will need to make sure you will list your education experience and your grade point average. When you will apply for other grants though you will only need to write a short description of yourself. Be sure though that when you will read the requirements at least twice so that you will know exactly what is expected of you in terms of the info you need to put on them.


Step Two. You might need to list:

  1. The reason you need a scholarship
  2. The Majors you are thinking about undertaking
  3. The amount of time you think your education will last or the amount of time you think it will personally take you to graduate.